Renewal of Vows

Renew Your Vows and Commitment to Each Other

RenewalofVowsDecemberInspirational Kathy and Tom on their Loving Day

This Ceremony is for couples wishing to celebrate their marriage by Reaffirming their Vows and Commitment to each other.

As there are no legal requirements to complete we are free to design a ceremony of your choosing.

Often these Ceremonies coincide with a special milestone anniversary but they are just as appropriate at any stage of our lives.

We create the Ceremony together and we incorporate "your story" about your journey together to this point of re-committment to each other. 

Significant people in your lives can take part in your Ceremony. For example, your children, guests who were at your wedding or members or your "bridal party".

Writing your own "vows" to each other will bring a great depth of intimacy to the ceremony and enhance your relationship.

"Everyone has a story" and I really enjoy the time I spend with couples as they reminisce about their life.

It is rewarding, uplifting and inspiring.

Please contact me if you would like any more details or for a no obligation meeting at any time.

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